Dear children, parents, Mmes. Grothe and Naiden, chair of the board and colleagues,

We were very happy and proud to have the new heads of the kindergarten and crèche on board on the first day of school. Now we have come together to celebrate their inauguration. Because we had a choice, I would like to tell you how we made a decision. Mrs Grothe is a passionate climber and hopefully and at least in a metaphorical sense Mrs. Naiden as well. Climbing is always about going high up and there are always important attitudes connected with climbing:

Providing safety

There will be no one attaching more importance to safety than a climber who wants to arrive safely at the destination.

 Being passionate

Some people are passionate to just be climbing. “Attitudes are infectious and can affect everyone in the area.” 1

 Being patient

“Having a patient partner is essential, especially for those of us who are still learning. Feeling rushed or being under pressure to complete a task quickly is just another way to make a mistake.”1

 Being knowledgeable

Who would deny that knowledge is extremely important in mountaineering? Even if you have acquired a lot of knowledge, though there is still much more to learn.

 Being reliable

This is about partnership and building trust and building and being a team. It is about respect and dedication.

 Being competent and confident

“Competence gives way to confidence. Knowing that I’m climbing with a strong and capable partner inspires confidence in me.” 1

 Maybe in kindergarten and crèche we are all climbers.

1 Quoted from Paul Mandell, 6 Tips on Being a Good Climbing Partner, 2017